Professional Boundaries and Confidentiality - August 23rd and 24th

Saskatchewan First Nations Family and Community Institute (SFNFCI) hosted Professional Boundaries and Confidentiality Training on August 23rd and 24th 2022 at Prairieland Park. Charlotte Ross provided facilitation services and Ernestine Starr provided elder support for the two-day course. There were 25 learners in attendance travelling from various First Nation communities across Saskatchewan. Communities such as English River, Witchekan Lake, and Thunderchild, to name a few.

Facilitator Charlotte Ross is a Cree Language Instructor and Consultant with years of experience working with Saskatchewan First Nations, Tribal Councils, non-profit corporations, and post-secondary institutions. She is currently pursuing a PHD in Indigenous Language Revitalization at the University of Victoria. Charlotte is a skilled facilitator, and her passion for presenting content in an engaging manner is evident.

Professional Boundaries and Confidentiality is a 12-hour course and was taught over a two-day period. The course was designed to engage learners to explore ethics, values, and boundaries within their personal and professional lives. Participants looked at how ethics, values, and boundaries impact the clients they work with, while they explored how to handle situations where they may come into conflict. By the end of the course learners demonstrated knowledge and skill in their ability to handle confidentiality issues and boundary conflicts.

Learners were encouraged to draw from their own experiences and expertise, as well as share best practices with of the rest of the group. Participants, facilitator Charlotte, and elder Ernestine all contributed to a safe and inclusive learning environment for all. Here is what a few participants had to say about Professional Boundaries and Confidentiality Training.

“It will help with the way I interact with clients and coworkers. Overall, I have a better view of boundaries”

“Charlotte is a great presenter and facilitator, very thorough and kept the programming interesting”

“Identify and establish professional boundaries to best service our families and children. It will bring value to our organization by having a standard of practice”









Professional Boundaries and Confidentiality Training – August 23rd and 24th 2022

For more information about upcoming training please visit www.sfnfci.ca or contact a member of the Learning Operations team.

Kayla Rosteski-Merasty

Learning Operations Consultant



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