Prevention Program Planning May 17 and 18, 2022

On May 17 and 18, 2022, SFNFCI delivered a 12-hour prevention core training course for prevention workers. The course titled Prevention Program Planning was delivered in-person at the Saskatoon Travelodge and 27 participants fully completed the training.

The training was facilitated by Charlotte Ross. She kept the group engaged with the material and did an excellent job in delivering the information and facilitating group discussions. Elder/Knowledge Keeper Ernestine Starr also joined us throughout the sessions to provide elder services.

This two-day course has been designed to give learners suggestions of guidelines to use when developing programming. It can help give agencies a broad understanding of practical planning methods in preparing and implementing a plan, creating schedules, and can also provide ideas on techniques for measuring the success of your plan.

Upon completion of this course,

1. Participants can identify the key elements in the program planning process by participating in several hands-on activities throughout the program planning process.

2. Participants will plan a draft program including: determining the needs, determining the rationale, goals, and objectives of the program, identifying partners, developing a budget, preparing a proposal outline, scheduling the program and marketing the program.

3. Participants will develop a draft program including: determining the program details and identifying measures of success.

4. Participants will develop a draft implementation and evaluation plan for a program including: assessing the risks; identifying evaluation criteria and strategies and using evaluation information.

Feedback from participants

“This training motivated me to keep on doing the programs that we aoffer to our community. I will be going back with a lot of tools to help me measure the outcome of programming.“

Patricia Desjarlais – Kahkinah Kanawapateeing Family Wellness

“This will help our agency with better planning, goals, outcomes, and budgeting. How to access outside resources.”

Annette Jimmy – Awasisak Nikan CFS


For more information on prevention worker training at SFNFCI please contact:

SFNFCI Learning Operations Consultant: David Bird (306) 380 -2473, david@sfnfci.ca

SFNFCI Learning Operations Coordinator: Jocelyn Sugar (639) 382-5587, jocelyns@sfnfci.ca

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