Board Training

We had our second Board Member Training held from January 28-30 2020 at our Classroom. We hold two in house Board Trainings per fiscal year. 

There were 13 Participants that completed the Board Training from 4 Directions CFS-SAC, Nechapanuk Centre CFS, Fishing Lake ICFS, and Peter Ballantyne CFS. This training was facilitated by April Roberts, M.BA and accompanied by Elder Ernestine Starr.

This trainings main focus is on increasing the members’ ability to perform Board-related tasks, support the Agency and the community, influence key stakeholders, and move the Agency further towards the mission of strengthening and providing support to families. This course is designed to equip you with the ability to:

1. Understand the roles and responsibilities of Board Members in First Nation child and family service agencies.

2. Provide effective governance for the agency to ensure that adequate service delivery occurs.

3. Ensure the Board operates effectively to meet planned goals and objectives of the Agency.

Learners gathered in groups from other boards to create presentations on the three topic areas of the Training; Governance Environment, Board Governance Basics, and Governance Support and Management. This allowed for learners to share different practices and create solution based conversations. 

“It was excellent training- clear concise information presented in a way I could absorb.” Leah Messer, Board Member, 4 Directions Youth Home.

2020 Board Training 

For more information on Board training please contact Jocelyn Kakakaway, Program Consultant, at 306-850-9661 or jocelyn@sfnfci.ca

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