Prevention Resources

The Saskatchewan First Nations Family and Community Institute Inc. has committed to working directly with First Nations Child and Family Services Agencies to share and further strengthen the existing best practices in the areas of Prevention for First Nations Child Welfare.

The following report is a meeting summary of the first Prevention gathering representing 16 of the First Nations Child and Family Services Agencies Prevention Workers in Saskatchewan.

Prevention Report November 2014

Saskatchewan First Nations Child Welfare Prevention Program Guidelines & Standards of Practice

SFNFCI has been offering services to Prevention since 2015.  In 2018, SFNFCI helped create the Sask. First Nations Prevention Policies and Standards with the Saskatchewan First Nations Child and Family Services Agency prevention staff. The document is a collective common guide reflecting Indigenous worldviews shared by the group. This standards document is meant to support the improvement of services and enhance the well-being of the Indigenous communities and families they serve. They convey a collective vision of professionalism that guides the daily practices of the First Nations Prevention staff.

Many Prevention programs and services have grown and developed in the last 3-4 years, and the Network group has gone through many changes during the Covid period. Community Prevention programs have been flexible and ongoing throughout the Covid experience. As well, there has been the development of additional standalone community prevention services, under the Community Justice and Wellness Initiative (CJWI).In addition, Bill C92 received Royal Assent June 2019 opening the door to additional options for First Nations to exercise jurisdiction in providing service to our First Nations people.  

In 2021, SFNFCI, stewards of the document, asked the group to review the document for relevancy and usefulness. The document was reviewed by a subcommittee of the Prevention Network in 2021. The group maintains its intention of the document to provide guidance to the development of community-based programs and services to reflect the common goal of strengthening families to prevent children and youth from coming into care and be embedded in strength-based practices and inherent culture of all First Nations people.

Thank you to all those who have provided guidance in the development 2017-2018 and review 2021 of the Guidelines and Standards, namely the representatives of each of the First Nations Child and Family Services Prevention programs in Saskatchewan. Your commitment, feedback and leadership in the development and review of the Guidelines and Standards have been invaluable to the further development of prevention services.

Thank you to Indigenous Services Canada for funding the development of the Guidelines and Standards project.

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