In the midst of this global pandemic, we are adapting to a new “normal”.  In an effort to communicate effectively with staff the OH&S committee has worked on a return to work handbook to answer some frequently asked questions and to guide employees in an effort to alleviate some concerns regarding the return to work and the new norm. Our goal is to develop procedures and protocols to keep our work place safe and adaptable as our environment changes keeping health and safety in mind.

Watch how SFNFCIs OH&S Committe worked together to create a safe and healthy workplace during COVID-19 by clicking the picture below: 


To access SFNFCI's COVID 19 Employee Handbook, please click on the link below:

           OH&S COVID 19 Employee Handbook - PDF Version


Customizing the COVID 19 Employee Handbook for your Organization

Instructions to create a customized version:

1) Download a MS Word copy by clicking on the link below:

            OH&S COVID 19 Employee Handbook - Customized Version

2) This marker <> (in red) indicates where you will insert your organization's name.

3) You can alter any part of the document to suit your needs, however, we have assisted the process and highlighted areas, in yellow, that will require customization according to your organization's policy and/or structure.

4) Don't forget to include your logo on the front page and on all appendices!!