Caregiver Training


SFNFCI is currently engaging and working with caregivers and to understand the different training needs of Caregivers. We currently offer two courses specialized for Caregivers:

  • Engaging Children through Therapeutic Interventions:  This one-day course focuses on multiple ways of engaging children and youth to assist in creating healthy, safe, helping environments. Participants will learn about the goal of therapeutic interventions, some basic interventions such as art therapy, play therapy and animal therapy, and how these can be beneficial for engaging families in relationship development. Participants will have an opportunity to discuss and practice skills in building respectful relationships. 

  • Working with Children and Youth with Exceptionalities: In this one day course, participants will learn about the symptomologies/spectrums and assessment processes associated with FASD, Autism, ADHD Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Attachment Disorder and Depression.  Learners will explore and examine biases, myths and misperceptions about exceptionalities with the aim of developing an informed understanding of the issue.  Participants will also learn how to apply basic techniques, interventions and strategies for each of the designated exceptionalities appropriate to the age and developmental level of the child and youth.

For more information about Caregiver training please contact:

Jason Chickosis, Learning Operations Director 

Email: ~ Phone: 306-250-4781


Juanita Wolfe, Learning Operations Consultant - Phone 306-281-2381