SDM Training Consultant - 1 permanent full time position

Location: Saskatoon, SK

The SDM Training Consultant takes an active role in supporting child and family service agencies with training, implementation, and support of SDM® tools. A primary function of this position is administering and implementing training of the SDM® model for Saskatchewan First Nations communities.

As SDM® tools reflect changes to the assessment processes child protection workers use, other professionals that are considered Officers under The Child and Family Services Act including First Nation Child and Family Services staff and Mobile Crisis/Emergency Duty staff require training to develop the technical understanding of the tools, the research base and interpretation of SDM® assessments in order to apply and utilize the tools in the field and make determinations regarding screening, apprehensions, safety planning, risk reassessment and family reunification.


Four (4) year bachelor’s degree in Indian Social Work / Social Work; or a related degree with extensive experience may be considered.


- Two (2) – Five (5) years of previous experience as a supervisor in a Child and Family Services Agency demonstrating experience in:Human and Family Development, utilizing a range of theories and intervention strategies with emphasis on a family centered approach including values, philosophy and practice, and dynamics and impact of abuse and neglect.

- Understanding of training methods, adult education theory, group dynamics, facilitation principles and conflict resolution strategies.

- Exceptional understanding of Child Protection; The Structured Decision Making (SDM®) model; and Integrated Practice Strategies (IPS).

Awareness and Knowledge of:

- Saskatchewan First Nations Child and Family Service Agencies standards, practice, policies, and procedures in urban, rural and rural First Nations settings.

- Issues surrounding the challenges faced by First Nations children, youth and families in Saskatchewan.

- Management organizational skills including how to co-ordinate training sessions, set time frames and establish agendas.  Also requires knowledge of program management, managing multiple projects effectively and co-operatively.

- Group facilitation strategies that promote development of a safe, learner-centered environment, group cohesion, comfort with risk taking, and commitment to common learning objectives.  Knows a variety of group management strategies and can intervene to manage problematic behaviors without alienating either the individual or group.

- Knowledge of conceptual frameworks for describing learning styles and preferences, and understands how individual development and cultural background can impact learning preferences, and can develop and use training strategies that address a variety of learning styles and preferences.

- Knows how to utilize and integrate virtual training aids and platforms to enhance training and accessibility; can design and develop presentations using M365 .

- Knows how to use M365 to develop, collect, and input feedback data from participant post training and feedback.

To Apply:

For more information about this position please call Jason Chickosis, Director of Learning Operations by telephone at: 306-250-4781 or Osemis Isbister-Bear, Human Resources Consultant at 306-221-5812.

To apply via email please submit an application to the attention of Osemis Isbister-Bear, Human Resources Consultant at:

To access the full job posting, click here.

Closed Date: November 23, 2023

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