Thank you for your interest in Saskatchewan First Nations Family and Community Institute Inc. 

Our Current Listing of Opportunities:

- We currently have 1 job posting for SDM Training Facilitator.

- We are also seeking Training Facilitators to help support  our various training programs.  

- We also have a request for proposal for a Human Resources development project



Current Opening

SDM Training Consultant - 1 permanent full time position

Location: Saskatoon, SK

The SDM Training Consultant takes an active role in supporting child and family service agencies with training, implementation, and support of SDM® tools. A primary function of this position is administering and implementing training of the SDM® model for Saskatchewan First Nations communiti...

Closed Date: November 23, 2023


Location: Saskatoon, SK

The Saskatchewan First Nations Family and Community Institute Inc. (SFNFCI) is the leading, innovative, sustainable, holistic center of research and professional learning to organizations serving children, youth and families.   What we do We are a professional development and research In...

Closed Date: November 30, 2023

Request for Proposal

Location: Saskatoon, SK

Request for Proposals for Establishment of New Training Department for the Saskatchewan First Nations Family & Community Institute Inc. This request for proposals (RFP) is to contract for human resources consulting services to be provided to the Saskatchewan First Nations Family and Community I...

Closed Date: November 28, 2023

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