Traditional Parenting Train the Trainer August 25-28th 2020

From August 25-28th, 2020 SFNFCI held its first trainings since returning to work during COVID-19. Due to the overwhelming registration for the first training of Traditional Parenting , originally to be held in March, but then postponed to August 25 and 26, we decided to hold two trainings of the same course within the same week. This training was held at Saskatoon Inn, Saskatoon SK. We had a total of 26 learners, 1 Elder and 1 facilitator in the training room from August 25 and 26. For the August 27 and 28 training we had 27 learners, 1 Elder and 1 facilitator. Outside the training room we had 2 SFNFCI staff taking registration and informing attendees of the OHS COVID procedures including: completing the screening questionnaire and completing temperature checks. Overall we had 53 learners complete the Traditional Parenting Train the Trainer course.

               Prior to the training, SFNFCI program department worked with our in house OH&S team to create a Offsite Training Procedure during COVID-19 which also follows the Government of Saskatchewan and Sask Health guidelines. These procedures include on site temperature check and screening prior to entering the training room, PPE supplied to all attendees, and ensuring the training room set up maintained the 6 feet social distancing guidelines.  All training resources were on each attendees table.  As well all beverages and meals were served by Saskatoon Inn staff.   SFNFCI worked with Saskatoon Inn to understand the policies and procedures in place at the Saskatoon Inn. All guidelines and procedures were sent out to all registered participants prior to training. Feedback from the trainings state that majority of the learners felt the communication from SFNFCI was excellent and they felt safe attending the training.


Feedback from August 25-26 2020




Feedback from August 25-26 2020




Feedback from August 27-28 2020




Feedback from August 27-28 2020




"Thank you to everyone involved in this training. Thank you SFNFCI and Janet Fox.” April Whitecalf, Family Support Worker, Keyanow Child and Family Centre.

               Traditional Parenting Train the Trainer is a “workshop that creates awareness of ‘how it was in our Traditional Family Systems and ‘how we can bring back these teachings along with the parenting skills and most importantly it is prevention in all areas.  Our people always had the knowledge on the importance of bonding and attachment.  With the studies today it has proven that when bonding is not in place; it will affect the child in all stages of life.” Janet Fox, Mahkesis Consulting LTD.

“Every First Nation community is facing the same cycles of poverty, diabetes, suicide, addictions, high dropout rates, high incarceration rates, gangs, violence and high numbers of children in the child welfare system.  We can start promoting the pride and rich traditions to the youth in our communities by sharing the teachings, our languages, customs and traditions so that they have a brighter future.  The teachings have always been there and they can be revitalized.” Janet Fox, Mahkesis Consulting LTD.

“I will be facilitating in my community; revitalizing traditional parenting and values to begin healing and breaking cycles.” Tracy Pambrun, Prevention Worker, Touchwood CFS.

“These teachings awaken the spirit in us and we can balance our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual parts so that we can make change in our communities.  She introduces the concept of the teachings in the womb, 4 life cycle (child, youth, and adult, elder) with the teachings in each stage using the 15 teepee pole teachings (each pole represents a virtue).  Topics presented are; first 6 years of a child’s life, bonding, moss bag teachings; belly button, soft spot; rites of passage and parenting.” Janet Fox, Mahkesis Consulting LTD.

“What I have learned can be so important with a woman’s group, ongoing parenting classes. The teachings are very important to pass along to our parents who have not received these teachings.” Kimberly Crowe, Prevention family Support and Addiction Counsellor, Ahtahkakoop Child and Family Services.



August 26th Completed Learners


August 28th Completed Learners




For more information on Training please contact Jocelyn Kakakaway, Program Consultant, at 306-850-9661 or jocelyn@sfnfci.ca

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