What FN CFS Supervisors see are the benefits of using SDM at their agencies

On January 28th and 29th, the Saskatchewan First Nations Family and Community Institute, hosted the third SDM supervisors working group. The group invited Rod Caskey from the Children's Research Center to share his knowledge of the SDM system, and offer his response to questions from the agency supervisors.

The discussion centered around a varitety of topics including, supervising with SDM, and case planning using the Family Strenghts and Needs Assessment.

A central discussion was around the benefits of using the SDM system for the agencies. A lot of great things are happening at the agencies with SDM.

  • Agency members shared their experiences of seeing the beneficial use of the SDM assessments resulting in having less children come into care, along with the ability of making of more concrete plans with families.
  • Staff are using the tools to inform decisions with families and as a result, feeling better about their decisions. It informs decision making, and its a tool to engage families in a conversation.
  • Agency members feel using the SDM assessments have helped to instill faith and hope in the community, as it helps the worker talk with families about what is needed, and helps families to see this in their own language.


To here more about the converstations had at the working group, contact Laura Hicks, SDM Consultant at 306-373-2874.

Laura Hicks, SDM Consultant


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