SFNFCI Staff Chosen Speakers at Prairie Child Welfare Consortium Symposium 2016

I am very pleased to announce that SFNFCI Staff have submitted abstracts and have been chosen to speak at the 2016 Prairie Child Welfare Consortium (PCWC) Symposium that will be held in Winnipeg, Manitoba October 26 - 28, 2016.

Shelley Thomas Prokop, SFNFCI Policy Analyst will be presenting on: 

"Processes in Professional Development working for First Nations Child and Family Agencies"

Thursday, October 27 11:30am - 11:55am Training & Development Track

The SFNFCI has utilized a collaborative approach in the development of standards and professional training.  This cooperative approach includes methods that focus on agency staff and community knowledge as the foundation of development.   The approach begins with knowledge and literature search of the communities’ people involved, their histories and culture as well as an understanding of child welfare in the community.    This first phase includes speaking with Elders, canvassing child welfare staff on their ideas and ways of sharing information, and reviewing applicable literature.  From this foundation the ideas for standards and training development start to take shape.

Although a lengthy process, it ensures the training reflects and recognizes the communities and the realities of the people being served.  Ultimately, the process creates ownership of cultural relevant training that is utilized in communities and has garnered positive results with our First Nations people.

The presentation will share the processes through experiences and examples of training and standards.

Laura Hicks & Rachel Melymick, SFNFCI SDM Consultants will be presenting on:

"Coming together with First Nations ICFS agencies to implement Structured Decision making"

Thursday, October 27 3:45pm - 4:10pm, Child Welfare Practice Track

The SFNFCI SDM consultants will share aspects of implementing the SDM system in First Nations Child and Family Service Agencies, including the development and coordination of implementation and support, and the process of adapting the SDM system to fit to each First Nations Child and Family Services Agencies. This process was completed in accordance with the SFNFCI vision and mission.

To find out more, click: PCWC Symposium 2016

Tischa Mason, Executive Director

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