SDM Continued Support During COVID-19

These are certainly unprecedented and uncertain times in Saskatchewan and the SFNFCI SDM Consultants are not immune. As SDM consultants we are trying to adjust and figure out how to continue supporting the First Nations CFS Agency staff in a safe way that supports the way agencies are currently operating. Prior to COVID-19, you could find us out on the road at the agencies providing training and onsite support. This all happened in person - In person is best when doing this work, but it isn’t completely essential in order to receive support.  We can still provide SDM support to Agency staff through phone, email, and/or video conference.

For example:

Staff A receives an intake call and is working through the SDM Intake Assessment and is not sure if the call screens in and would find it helpful to talk through it with someone. A perfect time to call your consultant!!!

Another example of how they can support you:

Staff B is working to close a file where the family has completed their case plan, but isn’t sure what SDM assessments need to be done to close the file – call or email your SDM Consultant!! We are also looking into how they can provide online SDM training – Zoom is an option that is available if the Agency is comfortable with this format. Please note there is no confidential information shared during SDM Training.  The  training hours and format would be customized for the Agency requesting it. This may be a convenient time to refresh staff on their SDM skills or do initial SDM training for new staff.

Please know we are here for you and are thinking about all of the front line workers during this difficult time. If you don’t know who your SDM Consultant is or you’re wanting SDM support you can call or email me - Laura 306-370-7395/laura@sfnfci.ca or Rachel 306-715-0800/rachel@sfnfci.ca and we will help you out! Stay safe out there.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    - Laura Hicks





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