Prevention Workshop 2020

On January 29-30 2020 SFNFCI held a Prevention Workshop at Saskatoon Travelodge. Over 100 participants attended this event.

SFNFCI would like to thank all those involved in making this event a success. Emcee Dion Tootoosis, Knowledge Keeper Gilbert Kewistep, Elders Melvina Eagle, Violet Naytowhow, and Joe Billette. Moderators were: Helene Johnson- Yellowquill Prevention Supervisor, Wanda Whitehawk- Touchwood CFS Prevention Supervisor, and Jessica Atcheynum- Keyanow CFC Prevention Worker. Se-Se-Wa-Hum Spirits youth drum group: Brayden Bear, Fabian Jr. McAdam, Storm Bear, Steven Bear, Darian Joseph, Danathan Morris, Jaycee Morris, Aleer Dreaver, and Guidance Counsellor Berno Bear of Big River First Nation. Traditional dancer Wyatt Brown and fancy shawl dancer Raina Buffalo Pechawis, both from Whitecap Dakota First Nation.

This was the first year SFNFCI was able to acknowledge those who completed the 120 hours in 11 courses of Prevention Training. We had eight learners complete the training and were recognized with a certificate of completion and plaque. SFNFCI would like to once again congratulate Lisa Stanley of Ministikwan Health Services MLTC, Lorraine Sylvester of Birch Narrows Dene Nation, Jean Martell of Waterhen Lake First Nation, Ernestine Wolfe of Onion Lake Family Services, Elder Violet Naytowhow of Sturgeon Lake First Nation, Amanda Thunderchild of Awasisak Nikan CFS, Charmaine Morin of Peter Ballantyne CFS, and Valerie Littlepine of Agency Chiefs CFS.










From left to right: Valarie Littlepine, Lisa Stanley, Jean Martell, Charmaine Morin, Amanada Thunderchild, Violet Naytowhow 

SFNFCI works with the Prevention Working Group to determine topics for the Prevention gathering.  This year the group was interested in child sexual abuse, prevention reporting, mental health, and crystal meth.  The event supported learners to participate in three workshops: Prevent It! A little warriors presentation, Canadian Mental Health Association Workshop, and Applying Community Needs, split over a day and a half.

  • The Prevent It! Workshop educates and empowers adults to take action, prevent and respond to child sexual abuse. This workshop is provided by Little Warriors: Be brave Ranch, a treatment center for children who have been sexually abused. Betty Cornelius facilitated this 3 hour training, which provided a certificate of completion.

For more information about Little Warriors please click here 

  • The Canadian Mental Health Association Workshop, facilitated by Donna Bowyer, introduced attendees to the different suicide prevention trainings available including: Tattered Teddies, Straight Talk, Little Cubs, and Walk with Me, ASIST, Safe Talk, and Suicide Talk. This workshop also gave insight into the Recovery College, Peer support and provided basic information and tools on Mental Health that attendees could take back to the communities.

For more information about Canadian Mental Health Association click here

  • The Applying Community Needs Workshop was facilitated by SFNFCI Executive Director Tischa Mason, Director of Programs Shelley Thomas-Prokop, Director of Administration Patricia Gardypie, and Prevention Finance Manager for Montreal Lake CFS Norinne Cote. This workshop was intended to help identify the needs of the community, categorize those needs, and then apply those needs. Through group activities and networking attendees got a real hands on experience.

Guest Speaker Jennifer Sanderson of Wahpeton First Nation spoke at lunch on January 30th 2020. Jennifer shared her story of identity, finding self-love and embracing her culture. Jennifer shared her practices and empowerment through her Facebook page Empowerment Sharing Circle. Jennifer specializes in various healing sessions, is a Reiki teacher, and an Access Bars and Energetic Facelift Practitioner

To view Jennifers facebook page please click here

This workshop ended with a panel discussion focused on Solutions and Strategies to Crystal Meth. The panel of six: Lisa Stanley, Prevention Worker, brought the personal touch to the panel sharing her story of what meth did to her family and give a message of hope. Kayla DeMong, Associate Executive Director and Family Support Coordinator for AIDS Saskatoon, with Nicole Schumacher, Adult Program Manager for Calder Centre, spoke on the 24 Strategies brought forward by the Crystal Meth Working Group with the Safe Community Action Alliance. These strategies were made public on February 3rd 2020.  Stacey Ledoux, Holistic Wellness Worker with PAGC Holistic Wellness Centre, spoke on uniqueness to the Crystal Meth crisis in Saskatchewan.  Heather Rattanavong, Camponi Housing Wrap around Service Coordinator and Program Development, spoke on the supportive living program at Edwards Manor.  Scott Burgess, Manager of Little Red Healing Lodge, spoke to the development of the healing center focusing on the Crystal Meth crisis in Montreal Lake.

For the complete PowerPoint presentation please click the picture below

For the Safe Community Action Alliance 24 strategies please click the image below: 






For more information about Camponi Housing please click here


SFNFCI would like to thank all staff, volunteers, guests and attendees involved in helping put this event together.



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