Partner Perspectives: Reflections of Disability Project Research Assistants

Partnership and collaboration are foundational to the work of the Institute.  This is particularly true in the area of research, which is a main component of SFNFCI.  In this year’s Disability Research Project the Institute has partnered with two agencies – Meadow Lake Tribal Council Child and Family Services (MLTCCFS) and Agency Chiefs Child and Family Services (ACCFS). In addition to direct involvement and oversight by the agencies’ Executive Directors and broad participation by various workers through interviews, each agency has also nominated one worker to act as a project Research Assistant.

While the Disability Research Project is only at the half-way mark, these two RAs have made amazing contributions to the progress and success of the project to date.  They helped to develop a disability information tool and have since been using the tool to collect valuable information from current agency files.  Additionally, they have been vital in recruiting interview participants and sharing information about the project within the communities they serve.  

Today’s blog will introduce Patty Bokinac, a child protection/prevention worker and the Research Assistant from Meadow Lake (MLTCCFS).   Despite the fact that Patty was relatively new to the agency when this project started, she is extremely knowledgeable and displays an obvious passion for helping others.  Her dedication is clearly expressed in the answers she offered to our 4 profile questions:


The second project RA, Bev Morin, will be profiled in next month’s blog post, so check back soon!


If you would like additional information on the Disability Research Project you can review past blog posts, or contact Raissa anytime:  306-373-2874 or raissa@sfnfci.ca

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