On Call SDM Training - Post Training Review

On June 9th, I provided an SDM training for on call/after hours/emergency duty workers at the Willows in Saskatoon. Several agencies participated in this training event; which was a one day training focused on teaching those workers who provide after hours/on call services for Child and Family Service Agencies, how to complete the first two SDM tools: Intake Screening and Reponse Priority and the Safety Assessment. The first two SDM tools can be used by the on-call worker, and are really an asset to the worker and the agency.

The training in and of itself was a success; however for a person who had not previously taken the SDM training and/or for someone who does not have experience working in a child protection setting, the one day training would not be sufficient. This one day session was the first time this training was offered, and as such was a learning experience for the SDM consultant and the workers attending the training. Future sessions will be broken into two sepreate sessions.

One session will continue to be a one day training for those who have/or currently work in a child protection setting, and/or those who have previously taken the SDM training. The one day session will act as more of a refresher training for the SDM Intake and Safety assessment.

The second session will be for those who do not have child protection experience and/or have not previously taken the SDM training. The second session will be a two to three day training that will focus more on skill building around the application of the tools. Dates for the next training sessions will be determined over the summer with amply time for the agencies to register.

Left to right: Violet Morin (Ahtahkakoop CFS), Clarence Saskamoose (Ahtahkakoop CFS)

Marlee Cochan (BTC), Joyce Starchief (BTC)

For more information on SDM support feel free to contact me at: Laura@sfnfci.ca

Laura Hicks, SDM Consultant



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