New Disability Project Begins!

We are excited to report that we are launching a new disability project!

The Athabasca Community Research Partnership was successfully concluded this past March , and a grant through the Disabilities Initiative  of INAC is allowing us to continue work in this area.

The new project is a partnership with 2 member agencies:  Meadow Lake Tribal Council CFS  and Agency Chiefs CFS, which collectively represent 12 distinct First Nations in the province.

This year’s project continues the work towards understanding the needs of children and youth in care with disabilities in order to better serve them and their families.

While the previous project in Athabasca focused on describing the experiences of children and youth with disabilities in the far north, this project is geared towards documentation and the development of a standardized method of collecting disability-related information.

The goals of this project then, are to:

  • Establish a culturally-relevant definition of disability


  • Document:

• the nature and incidence of disabilities among children/youth in care within the 12 participating communities

• the service gaps that exist

• the impacts of disability

• the impacts of existing services and lacking services

  • Develop a data collection instrument to gather relevant information from case files


  • Create a relevant and innovative tool to guide the work, planning, and decision-making of agency staff serving children and youth with disabilities


Regular updates on the progress of the project will be posted in future blogs, but if you are interested in receiving monthly project newsletters directly, or would like more information on the project contact Raissa at  306-373-2874 or raissa@sfnfci.ca

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