Montreal Lake Child and Family Agency COVID-19 Response

SFNFCI has been reaching out to members in a Champion Stories blog series to highlight the great work that First Nation Child and Family Service Agencies do on a regular basis for their communities, while highlighting their current responses to worldwide pandemic of COVID-19. Montreal Lake Child and Family Agency’s Executive Director, Lionel Bird, shared how their agency is responding to and helping those in the community.

MLCFA provides protection and prevention services to the communities of Montreal Lake Cree Nation and Little Red River Cree Nation. Lionel shared that during this period, the existing partnership between MLCFA and other programs have been strengthened due to the pandemic planning process and action plan rollout. The agency operations have been greatly impacted by COVID-19 and must think outside the box in order to continue providing prevention and protection services. He shared that MLCFA has used social media to ensure community members are getting the following presentations and support on current needs:

  • grief and loss
  • budgeting
  • effects of crystal meth
  • the rights of a child suicides ideations attempt and myths versus fact
  • sexual abuse/ family violence
  • neglect child abandonment


The names and contact numbers of MLCFA therapists have been shared with community members and agency staff to encourage individuals to contact them at any time.

MLCFA has also been offering contests through Facebook challenges as a way to connect with the community and band members. Individuals win based on the number of likes/reactions received. Some of the challenges have included:

  • jigging contest
  • laughing contest
  • best artwork
  • ice sculptures
  • snowman building
  • the best Covid-19 poster contest


Going forward MLCFA will continue with these events until the community lockdown and rules around social distancing have been removed.

For more information about MLCFA and programs that they are currently offering please contact either Montreal Lake office: 306-663-5095 or Little Red office: 306-982-2511


Thanks to Montreal Lake CFS, Lionel Bird for talking with me and sharing all your great work.



Rachel Melymick, SFNFCI SDM Consultant


If you are interested in sharing stories from your organization/community please feel free to contact:

Rachel Melymick, SFNFCI SDM Consultant at 306-715-0800 and/or rachel@sfnfci.ca

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