Lateral Violence Workshop - September 18, 2019

On September 18, 2019 the Human Resource Working Group hosted a Lateral Violence Workshop by Vanessa and Hugh Poorman. There where nineteen participants and the day was very eye opening and informative.

Lateral violence is a form of bullying that takes place peer to peer. Lateral Violence includes gossiping, rumors, sabotaging and back-stabbing. Lateral Violence is a destructive force that creates unhappy and unhealthy workplaces. The impacts of Lateral Violence include lack of trust, lack of safety, high absenteeism and turnover – and reduced quality of service, a lack of safety, damaged trust, high absenteeism and job turnover – and reduced quality of services. 

Vanessa and Hugh did an excellent job of unpacking the issues surrounding lateral violence for both the oppressor and the victim.  As indigenous individuals this type of behavior is not part of our traditional values and teaching.  The impact of colonialism has played a huge role in lateral violence spilling into our communities and workplaces.  The group learned how to recognize lateral violence and how to address lateral violence in the workplace.

SFNFCI will be bringing this workshop back in the New Year. Here are a few testimonials:

“This lateral violence training is going to be very beneficial for my workplace, I have gained more self-awareness and how I may be contributing to lateral violence without even realizing it”.

-Lorene Clarke, Mental Health Therapist, Peter Ballantyne Child & Family Services


“I will be aware of my own actions and what I should and should not be modelling for my staff”.

- Joy Caisse, Executive Director, Athabasca Denesuline Child & Family Services


“I have learned ways to try and prevent or stop lateral violence. Hopefully I can bring this back to my workplace and community to have an impact".

- Vanessa Bird, Finance Manager, Peter Ballantyne Child & Family Services



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