Kahkewistahaw First Nation welcomes IAP Reform Project

April 1-3, 2019

On April 1, 2019, the engagement team had the honor of meeting with Kahkewistahaw First Nation Leadership. The reform project was introduced, and the team was very well received and welcomed into the community. Leadership answered questions to their great ability and the team was pleased with the outcome.

On the second day of community engagement, the Income Assistance Worker – Vera Wasacase, welcomed the team and 2 client focus groups were conducted for the day. There were a total of 18 participants for the day including an elder to open the community engagement.

On the third day, the team conducted 2 more focus with one with Clients and another with community elders. The turn out was great with the first group having 8 participants and the elder group having 8 participants as well. Very rich discussions on community, barriers, and hopes. It was a wonderful day.

The team also had the privilege of conducting a Focus Group at the community high school. The discussion was great. They also, in return, had a few questions of their own.

Thank you Kahkewistahaw for all the support, and accommodations! Many, many opportunities in the community and you should be very proud. 

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