June 2020 IA Regional Group Meetings to be held in Zoom online meeting rooms

On-Reserve Income Assistance Regional Quarter Meeting

On-reserve Income Assistance Workers will meet virtually on June 16,17, 23 2020. This group is represented by 74 First Nations along with ISC and FSIN Representatives. Typically the group would gather in Saskatoon to discuss challenges and solutions to the social policy, along with share practices and network with other IA workers and receive updates on federal and provincial programming.

Because of the recent pandemic, the group will not be meeting in Saskatoon but will have the option to meet via Zoom online meeting rooms.

The regional group has been broken down into 6 meetings from June 16, 17 and 23, 2020 with each group meeting for 2 hours. Each meeting will have a note taker present and meeting notes will be posted under the IA Tab.

Each member has been provided with a Zoom link to access the meeting online or through the telephone.

If you have questions or would like your IA staff to participate please contact Program Coordinator Lacey Kaysaywaysemat at lacey@sfnfci.ca or Program Consultant Jocelyn Kakakaway at jocelyn@sfnfci.ca.

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