Job Description Toolkit Development

Discussions on Developing a Job Description Toolkit

Seventeen Finance and Human Resource Child and Family Services Agency workers from 10 different agencies and group homes met on June 28, 2017 to review and discuss a toolkit for creating an effective Job Description.

The day was opened with a prayer by Elder Ernestine Starr.  Tischa Mason, SFNFCI Executive Director and Patricia Gardypie, SFNFCI Director of Administration co- facilitated the discussion on using the Desk Audit and Job Fact Sheet tools to build effective job descriptions for different jobs in the Agencies. It was identified that some agencies regularly update and review the job descriptions while others have had the same job descriptions for many years with no updates. All participants were very receptive and engaged in the training and where excited to take these tools back to their respective Agencies to ensure strong job descriptions were developed for all the agency staff.

The group decided that they would like the Institute to co-ordinate a Job bank of strong analytical job descriptions for the Agencies. To begin, each Agency will go back to their respective Agencies and utilize the tools they learned from the morning session; the Desk Audit and Job Fact Sheet and develop the first round of Job Descriptions for each job they have at their Agencies.

The group then had discussions about the different job titles and job duties each agency had and also the uniqueness of each agency. The same job title to one agency would not necessarily do the same job duties as the next agency. There are many factors to consider; geographical location, size of the Agency, number of clients/caseloads etc.  The group also recognized that they may also have different job titles for the same job duties. The group brainstormed all the job titles in the Agency and identified Jobs that had the same duties or similar duties. As a result they identified 34 separate jobs that fell into four categories; Support, Protection, Prevention and Administration.

The group agreed to reconvene in October of 2017 to create standardized Job Descriptions for the use of all Agencies should they choose.  They also acknowledged that these Job Descriptions would then be fine-tuned to suit their individual Agency.

The group also discussed the next steps moving forward once well-established Job descriptions were developed would be to draft a Request for Proposal for a Market/Salary review of all the standardized Job Descriptions.  The target deadline to have the Salary Market review completed would be February of 2018.

Tischa also conducted an overview of both the Human Resource and Finance Working Groups accomplishments in the past fiscal year.  A discussion was also had about the needs and training the groups would like to conduct this fiscal year. The group agreed that this fiscal year should concentrate on the building of strong Job Descriptions and possibly Retention Strategies if time allowed and all other training goals set from last fiscal year would also be moved forward into the new fiscal year of 2018-19.

The meeting then moved into a round table discussion with each participant being given an opportunity to update the group on activities within their own Agencies that they wished to share.  The meeting ended with a blessing and closing Prayer by Elder Ernestine Starr.

Patricia Gardypie, Director of Administration

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