January 2018 SDM Training

SFNFCI offered a three-day SDM (Structural Decision Making) training January 30th- February 1st, 2018. Participates were determined to attend the training traveling through blowing snow, icy roads, and gusting winds. Dedicated to professional development and strengthening skills to better serve the families and communities they work with, the eight agency staff were trained in the six SDM tools: Intake, Safety, Risk, Family Strengthens and Needs, Reunification and Risk-Reassessment. The three days provided a step by step process through the tools with hands-on experimental learning. The group contributed to discussions and provided real-life scenarios to practice and build confidence in actively using the six SDM tools.

Present through the three days of training was Elder Ernestine Starr, a past protection supervisor and one of SFNFCI’s elders who guided each day in prayer and participation.

One participant’s feedback:

“As a new worker in child protection, it gives me a better understanding regarding my cases. This training has given me more confidence.”

Back Row: Edgar Cook, Corinne Ham, Randi Lavallee, Lisa Cook, Syerra Morin, Bobby Cheechos
Front Row: Rachel Melymick, Cheryl Gardipy, Elder Ernestine Starr, Remonda Gardipy


If you or your agency is interested in SDM training/onsite support or have questions regarding the SDM tools. Please contact SFNFCI’s SDM consultants for further information.

Rachel can be contacted at 306-373-2874 ext. 228, or Rachel@sfnfci.ca

Laura can be contacted at 306-373-2874 ext. 224, or Laura@sfnfci.ca

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