Interview with Keyanow Agency: Case Management System

Keyanow Child and Family Centre Interview on Case Management System Implementation

Interview with:

Joyce Starchief Executive Assistant/Human Resources (Left)

Muriel Matchee, Case Management Supervisor (Right)


Earlier in January this year Saskatchewan First Nations Family and Community Institute (SFNFCI) had coordinated a member meeting for First Nations Child and Family Services Agencies to learn about different case management systems.  It was a request from the membership to do some research to help meet the needs of the agencies.  SFNFCI recently heard that Keyanow Child and Family Centre Agency (formerly known as BTC HSC Agency) had implemented one of the systems that were presented in January - RedMane Technology Canada's mCase case management system.  SFNFCI Executive Director Tischa had an opportunity to interview Muriel Matchee, Family Services Assistant Supervisor and Joyce Starchief Executive Assistant/Human Resources from BTC to learn about their experiences with implementing a new case management system for their agency.

Tischa: Thanks for meeting with me ladies to discuss your case management system.  Tell me a little bit about your experience with implementing the case management system, how has that been going?

Muriel: Learning the program is actually really interesting and fun.  To see the paper system move into an electronic or more digital system makes us feel more “new age”.  It’s great because we decrease the risk of losing case file changes. For example with the paper system we could lose the paperwork.  In the mCase system the information is secure, locked and there are permission based passwords to determine who can input, change or view information.  The system even notifies and prompts you if information is missing and needs to be added.  The system is also compatible with phone apps.  We also use portable laptops.  Some of the staff are using the mobile devices with the app.  It is very convenient to find locations and get information quickly on our phones.  For example, we can also draw maps on the system of our reserve to show someone how to get to a location or house. 

Joyce: Yes that helps save time.  We can view that on our phone instead of having to go back to the office to try get directions for one of the communities we provide services to.   It’s nice to be part of a system that meets our needs and can be customized.  Being involved in creating the reports made it easier to use it because we were involved in designing it.  It’s exciting that we built this ourselves and it’s easy to use.  RedMane Technology Canada staff have Saskatchewan Child Protection experience and that really helped with us designing our case management system. As we have been using it and when we need help, the support techs from mCase are very good and helpful.  They help us quickly in an easy step by step order. 

Tischa: So how is this system impacting your workers and the day to day activities in your agency?

Muriel:  We can manage our day and weeks much better.  It’s easier to plan and meet dates and deadlines as we are prompted for missing information or notified of an upcoming deadline or contact standard. The dashboard is easier to plan time than having to review manual notes and calendars. We can view pie charts, timelines and quick stats on assessments and case plans.  We can also view information on children in group homes as these have a different contact standard and timeline. 

Joyce: Reports provided help staff to meet timelines that are outlined in the CFS Act.  One benefit for file reviews with the Ministry of Social Services is that they can receive a special audit login to review case files and compliance. 

Muriel:  The system allowed us to input the SDM tools.  Every time we enter a new client the process prompts forms so nothing is missed out.  There is flexibility to move between tools and notifications let us know if information is missing from the different sections.  You can go from A to Z, or you can jump around – it does not have to be linear.  After the family info is entered we can create alerts for medical, criminal, health i.e., communicable diseases where in the manual; file you would have to review in depth to find information.  The contact standards for kids in care are entered, the SDM and the legal aspect is up to date, for example, our agreements are current and not expired. 

Tischa: How has the case management system improved communication and reporting?

Muriel:  Every time you do an investigation or intake report them manager gets a copy to review to accept or reject immediately.  If they reject it allows us to make changes to help with accountability moving forward in a timely matter.

Incident reports involving children’s injuries or whether they need to see doctor for an emergency are captured in the system. If people are not satisfied with the decisions made, the manager can easily review the files with more confidence and further support the decisions.

They system can also highlight when a protection worker has done a case consultation with the manager and this is very important because it helps with accountability and makes sure all angles are covered and not neglected if a case escalates toward court.  We are better able to demonstrate a history of changes made or not made.  This follows the CFS Act standards.

Joyce:  We can better review statistics and these are accessible on the dashboard for quick review. Some examples of stats we collect include: number of kids coming in care per community/reserve, number of kids reunited with family, ages, worker case load, etc.  We have included prevention programs and community events into the system and we can track access to services that families are using to strengthen their family on their own.  Protection workers can also refer services for families to prevention programs in the event there is an open file that requires services.

Tischa:  Would you recommend the RedMane Technology Canada mCase case management system to other agencies?

Joyce:  Definitely! The ability for us to customize and track the programs and services being offered in addition to the case practice system is of great benefit to our agency.  The tech support is also great. 

Thanks to Joyce and Muriel for sharing their information with us for this newsletter.

For more information on Keyanow’s Agency experience with this new case management system or to find out more information feel free to contact Joyce Starchief at btchsc@sasktel.net

RedMane Technology Canada agreed to provide their direct contact information for others who are interested in learning more about their products and services.  If interested contact Peter Chowne directly at:  peter_chowne@redmane.com

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