Interpersonal Violence Act and Duty to Accommodate Training Nov 14, 2019

Interpersonal Violence Act and Duty to Accommodate Training

On November 14, 2019 the Human Resource Working Group hosted training on the new Interpersonal Violence Act and Duty to Accommodate.  We had five agencies, one Elder and one First Nation participate with a total of 14 learners.

Leah Schatz with MLT Aikins facilitated discussions on the new Interpersonal Violence Leave Act and provided a legal interpretation of what this new Act meant to the employer.  As of May 2019 employers are legally required to provide up to 5 days paid leave and 5 days of unpaid leave (in a period of 52 consecutive weeks) to victims or caregivers of victims of interpersonal violence.  Discussion surrounded the definition of interpersonal violence, definition of caregivers and definitions of what “interpersonal “ means in the interpretation of this act.

Ms. Schatz also present on the employers responsibly for the “Duty to Accommodate” employees.  Discussion surrounded the definitions of what the term “Duty to Accommodate” means to an employee and what “undue hardship” means to the organization.  The presentation ended with reviewing court case scenarios in different sectors or industries.

The afternoon finished off with a presentation of Policy Writing.  Participants walked through a sample policy on “Duty to Accommodate”. Participants then split into groups to practice writing a policy for their organization using the information they had just learned about the new Interpersonal Violence Act.

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