How can your SDM Consultant support the QAU file review

File Reviews can be a very stressful time for Agencies. There is a lot of pressure to have your files up to date and looking perfect. Given the amount of work required in the job of a caseworker, and the business of the agencies, always having your files 100% up to date is completely unrealistic, yet we often expect workers/supervisors to meet this standard come file review time.
Rachel and I have become more actively involved in the file review process over the past year and a bit. We have been pairing up with the First Nations and Metis Services Consultant to better support the agencies through the file review process. 
We have been working with the agencies to come up with creative and flexible strategies to address the recommendations in the file review. We have provided customized training to the agency, depending on their needs. This training is interactive and engaging, and we have had a lot of positive responses from our attendees.
We have also been going out to an agency a couple of months prior to the file review to go through the files with the workers to help them focus on what exactly they need to complete to get ready. We have found that this process helps staff feel more prepared come file review time.
If you are interested in learning more about how your SDM Consultant can help you and your agency become more prepared for file review contact Laura – 306-370-7395 or Rachel 306-715-0800.



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