Holly begins her journey...

Welcome to Holly Toulejour, the new Group Home Specialist at the Saskatchewan First Nations Family and Community Institute.  Holly joined our team August 24, 2015 and is responsible for working with all First Nations Group Homes on the 2015-16 funded projects.

Holly is fluent in the Dene language and has a background in Social Work.  She brings experience from the different areas she has worked in the last ten years including: one on one with clients, large and small group work to address complex issues and community development.  She has also served two consecutive terms on town council in her home community of La Loche.

Holly is excited to meet and visit each of the First Nations Group Homes in the next few months. 

Holly is in the research /policy office and is an awesome addition to the team.  If you would like to contact Holly please go to:  holly@sfnfci.ca or call 306-373-2874 ext 223

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