FNCFS/MSS Supervisors Forum and Rapid Change

On May 28th, 2015, forty five First Nations Child and Family Services and Ministry of Social Services Supervisors came together at the Travelodge Hotel in Saskatoon, SK for the 1st of 2 joint Supervisors Forums.


The subject matter for this particular forum focused on Dealing with Rapid Change in the Supervisory Role. For this forum, the Institute contracted the services of Diane Knoll, of Knoll & Associates to deliver this particular presentation.


 Areas of focus for the day were the various changes that supervisors are currently facing, the role of the supervisor in managing and communicating change and knowing how to create a collaborative working and learning environment during times of constant change. In order to hear different perspectives from others as well as provide their own thoughts, participants would change seats and/or tables.


Change is constant and always happening whether we like it or not. It is our hope that supervisors learned some effective tools on how they could be a part of that change within their role as supervisors.


Dean Weenie, Training & Development Coordinator

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