First Networking Forum Takes Place at Elk Ridge Resort

The first of four Networking Forums took place at Elk Ridge Resort on May 26th, 2015. 29 participants from First Nations Child and Family Services Agencies and the Ministry of Social Services were able to partake in two key planned activities for the day. Under a new format for the forums, group size as well as activities has been re-tooled to make the forums more interactive which will allow for easier sharing of information.

The first fun activity of the day focused on speed networking, our interpretation of speed dating. Each person was able to get key contact information for the person sitting across from them as well as as key questions of successes and challenges they have within their respective work place within a quick time frame.













The second fun activity was to develop a Parental Services Agreement for a specific case. The intention of that exercise is to create a cultural lens to inform the parental services agreement. Participants were paired off into groups to develop their parental services agreement and then once completed, were able to come together again as a larger group where they were able to share what kind of plan their group developed as well as how they came up with this plan based on the culture of that child/family.


Each person left with a smile on their face and with new information which may assist them when working with children or families, not to mention new or re-kindled friendships.


For more information on our Cultural Assessment Tool to inform case planning feel free to contact the SFNFCI at 306-373-2874.

Dean Weenie, Training & Development Coordinator

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