First Nations Group Home Core Training Goes Outdoors June 2015

The First Nations Group Home Core Competencies Project is delivering its last 5 modules this summer and fall.  The project is led by an amazing group of First Nations Group Home Managers and Executive Directors.   The working group has shared their many experiences and passion to ensure the developed curriculum reflects the realities of working in a rural location successfully with children and youth.

The Working group, guided by our Elder, decided three of the last five modules will be delivered in a camp setting.  Twenty participants, Elders, and resource people will be getting together June 15-19, 2015 in a camp setting to embrace the outdoors and learn about: culture, diversity, and grief and loss.

The Institute is excited to offer the training in a unique location and a traditional learning style.

For more information please contact:  shelley@sfnfci.ca

Shelley Thomas Prokop, Policy Analyst


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