Disability Research Project Update

As August comes to a close, the Disability Research Partnership project continues to move forward.  The ‘data collection’ period will extend to the end of October as the research team continues to collect data using the Information Tool for case file reviews, and also through one-on-one interviews. 

To date 13 Information Tools have been completed and 12 interviews have been conducted with members of the CFS communities represented in the study.  So far the interviews have concentrated on CFS staff, but in the coming weeks lead researcher Raissa Graumans will be meeting with families, caregivers, and also representatives from the Band and Tribal Councils as well.

If you are interested in learning more about current or past disability research projects, or if you would like to receive project updates directly to your inbox, contact Raissa any time.

306-373-2874 x223 or raissa@sfnfci.ca

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