Disability Research Project Gets Underway

As announced in a blog post last month, SFNFCI has partnered with Agency Chiefs Child and Family Services (ACCFS) and Meadow Lake Tribal Council CFS (MLTCCFS) on a new Disability Research Partnership.

Planning meetings with SFNFCI research staff and agency executive directors Treena Wynes (ACCFS) and Darlene Rediron (MLTCCFS) have set the stage for a successful research partnership.

One staff member from each agency was appointed as a Research Assistant – Bev Morin (ACCFS) and Patty Bokinac (MLTCCFS).  These RAs have contributed to the development of a ‘Disability Research Tool’ which they will use to gather anonymous data from agency case files.   This type of data collection will be supplemented with in-person interviews with families and professionals living and working in each of the 12 communities represented by the two agencies.

The fist advisory committee meeting was also held this month (June 7th, in Meadow Lake).  Made up of CFS workers, Band Councillors and lead by local elders, this committee will guide the work of the project.  They will help to ensure that voices and perspectives from each community are represented and that the work and actions of the project are relevant, respectful, and beneficial to members of these communities.

If you are interested in receiving monthly updates on the project, or if you know of anyone who may be interested in participating, please contact Raissa at 306-373-2874 x223 or raissa@sfnfci.ca.

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