Building Job Descriptions

HR and Finance Working Group Nov 24 and 27, 2017

Building Job Descriptions

In June of 2017 the HR and Finance Working group learned about conducting Desk Audits and filling out Job Fact sheets.  Agencies that attended then went back to their communities and conducted Desk Audits with their Agency Staff.

In Novembes of 2017 we came together again to learn how the desk audit and the job fact sheets could be utilized in a variety of ways, specifically in writing and updating job descriptions.  Some agencies indicated they regularly review their job descriptions while others indicated they have not been looked at or updated in a number of years.

The goal for this fiscal years' working group sessions is to build a data base of FNCFS Agency Job Descriptions that could be held at the Institute as a FNCFS Agency Job Description Database.  The group also wanted to conduct a Market Salary review to introduce Salary Grids that could also be utilized as a resource by all FNCFS Agencies. 

We identified 32 Job Titles in three categories:

  1. Prevention
  2. Protection
  3. Administration/Support

To date we have completed 16 Job Descriptions from the Prevention and Protection Categories.  We will continue in January 2018 to finish the Administration/Support Category.

SFNFCI has also met with the First Nations Group Home Management Network to discuss a similar job description project.

For more information on the Building Job Description Project please contact:

Patricia Gardypie, Director of Administration

Email: patricia@sfnfci.ca or Phone: 306-373-2874 Ext. 232

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