7th SDM Supervisor Working Group

On May 26th, 2016 SFNFCI SDM consultants Laura Hicks and Rachel Melymick hosted the seventh SDM supervisors working group. Elder Ken Sessequesis from Beardy’s/Okemasis opened the session with a greeting and prayer to guide the days meeting.

The day was filled with supervisors and SFNFCI sharing updates and coming together to discuss how SDM is working at the agencies through the framework of three working questions used in practice daily: What are we worried about? What is working well? What needs to happen next? These three questions are often used in practice to organize safety planning. Supervisors and staff can not only use them with families but in case consultations and staff meetings.

The group spent some time reviewing SDM overrides and going through practice of when a SDM override could be used throughout the six different tools. The agency supervisors through feedback at each session guides what practice area will be focused on at the next date together.

In the afternoon, the SDM supervisor working group had the opportunity to speak with Peggy Cordero and Karen Meulendyke from the Children Research Centre (CRC). Peggy and Karen video conferenced into the meeting to provide an opportunity for questions and state future availability regarding agency site visits regarding upcoming year. The CRC clarified and explained the different services they could provide during site visits with agencies.

The SDM Consultants would like to thank Agency Supervisors, Priscilla Storm and Leah Messer from the MSS first Nations Metis Services Unit and Peggy Cordero and Karen Meulendyke from the Children Research Centre (CRC) for the day shared together. We look forward to the next SDM supervisor working group that will be held in September 2016.

For further information on CRC/Agency site visits, SDM training or questions on the SDM tools. Please contact either Rachel Melymick or Laura Hicks, both SDM consultants with SFNFCI.

Rachel can be contacted at 306-373-2874 ext. 228, or Rachel@sfnfci.ca

Laura can be contacted at 306-373-2874 ext. 224, or Laura@sfnfci.ca

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