Our classroom features include; a 70 inch interactive touch screen display, and 4 wall-mounted display screens. All 5 screens show the same content OR, display different content on each screen at the same time. At SFNFCI we offer yearly classroom training's, which can be found on our Calendar of Events. The classroom at SFNFCI offers a capacity of 30 learners, and all catering needs provided. Below you will find a table describing the responsibility of SFNFCI and the learners when attending a training:



For more information about SFNFCI Classroom Training please contact:

Jocelyn Kakakaway, Program Consultant Email: jocelyn@sfnfci.ca ~ Phone: 306-373-2874 Ext. 228


Scott Burgess, Program Consultant Email scottb@sfnfci.ca ~ Phone: 306-373-2874 Ext. 233