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The Saskatchewan First Nations Family and Community Institute Inc. are developing a research agenda and framework to provide timely and relevant evidence-based information on the trends and issues that impact First Nations Child Welfare in Saskatchewan.

As we further develop publications, reports, and findings we will share these with our membership and public as part of our communications and sharing strategies for First Nations Child Welfare.

Publications and Reports


Disability Research Project 2018-19

The Disability Research Partnership is a yearlong community-based research project funded through the Disabilities Initiative of the Department of Indigenous Services Canada (DISC) and undertaken as partnerships between Saskatchewan First Nations Family and Community Institute (SFNFCI) and self-selected First Nations child and family service (FNCFS) agencies.  The 2018-19 project involved two agencies:  QBOW Child and Family Services and Nechapanuk Centre Child and Family Services.

The goals of the project are to:

  • Engage First Nations Child and Family Services in the research project
  • Utilize culturally relevant practices and resources to engage stakeholders
  • Learn more about the ways in which disability is defined and conceptualized in distinct communities
  • Better understand service availability, gaps, and needs
  • Explore means of integrating or adapting the developed tool with FNCFS agency data information systems and practices  
  • Have information shared in ways that respect the OCAP principles


Information was collected through multiple methods informed by SFNFCI’s Indigenous Research Paradigm and Disability Concept Model:  a Disability Information Tool (DIT), focus groups, and one-on-one interviews.  Statistical and thematic analyses are presented along with information on the actions resulting from stakeholder engagement.

The conclusions of the project highlight the need for building a stronger continuum of care for families and children/youth with special needs. The core recommendation is that agencies focus on programming, partnerships, and capacity building before, during, and after a child comes into care.

The full project Final Report can be accessed by clicking the image below:


2017-18 Disability Research Project

Children and youth in care, living on-reserve with disabilities represent an underserved group whose characteristics, needs, and experiences are not well understood. This year’s Disability Research Project was therefore motivated by a desire to document service-related experiences and to collect systematic data on children and youth in care and on reserve with disabilities.

This project was a partnership between SFNFCI and two Saskatchewan First Nations CFS Agencies (Meadow Lake Tribal Council CFS and Agency Chiefs CFS) who collectively serve 13 distinct Cree and Dene communities.

Together, the project partners developed and implemented a data collection tool and conducted interviews with local stakeholders to document:

(1) the nature and incidence of disabilities among children/youth in care within their communities;

(2) the impacts of disability;

(3) service gaps and needs.


The full project Final Report and a Summary Report may be accessed by clicking the images below:


2017 First Nations Child Welfare Community Engagement Research

The purpose of the First Nations Community Research Engagement project to help inform Child Welfare Reform in Saskatchewan. 

First Nations Community Research Purpose Video (view time ~1 min) click the image below:








Culture and 4 Functions of Child Welfare Reseach Video (view time ~3 min) click the image below:








SFNFCI's First Nations Community Research focused on collecting the voices from First Nations Elders, Youth, Community Members, Child and Family Service Workers, Board of Directors for Child and Family Service Workers, Group Home Workers and Caregivers, other Service Providers, and First Nations people who have had, or currently have family members in care.

First Nations Voices for Reform 2017 Findings Video (view time ~6 min) click the image below:










The report was completed in August 2017. 

To read the 5 themes, associated 16 priority areas & recommended actions click:











Athabasca Community Research Partnership, 2016-17

Through a Disabilities Initiative grant from INAC, SFNFCI was able to partner with Athabasca Denesuline Child and Family Services on a project looking at the experiences of children and youth with disabilities living on reserve in the far North. The project was completed in March 2017 and this Summary Report provides an overview of the key findings and recommendations. To view the Summary Report click  ~Athabasca Community Research Partnership Summary Report~ 

Member Survey

The Saskatchewan First Nations Family and Community Institute contracted Dr. Raven Sinclair Consulting to conduct a member survey to validate its vision and seek additional direction.  For a summary of the survey objectives and key findings click here.

An Overview of the Recognition of Custom Adoption in Canada, February 15, 2013

The Saskatchewan First Nations Family & Community Institute published a report on Custom Adoption in Sasktchewan. SFNFCI contracted the University of Sasktchewan College of Law: Professor Marilyn Poitras and Professor Norman Zlotkin to conduct the research and write the report. The report focuses on a literature review and research with First Nations about their views and experiences of custom adoption.  The report gives recomendations on the direction of custom adoption for First Nations in Saskatchewan. The report was used as a resource for the legislative review in Saskatchewan 2013.

Custom Adoption