Group Home Training


Group Home Training Program Courses were developed in consultation with First Nation Group Home Managers. All training's comply with the Customary Standards of Care. Group Home Training's are community-based which allow homes to prioritize and schedule courses in consultation with agency and/or group home representatives, and to review training's staff have completed to date and identity the gaps in training. These training's are best suited to group home staff and other caregivers that provide residential services to Indigenous children and youth.

Group Home Training consists of 14 courses= 20 days of training:

  • Case Management in a Group Home Setting- 1 Day

  • Crisis Management and Support in a Group Home Setting – 2 Days

  • Rights of Children in a Group Home Setting – 1 Day

  • The History of Saskatchewan First Nation Child Welfare- 1 Day

  • Communication Skills in a Group Home Setting- 2 Days

  • Engaging clients using Therapeutic Interventions- 1 Day

  • Documentation in a Group Home- 1 Day

  •  Grief and Loss- 2 Days

  • Culture and Diversity- 2 Days

  • Mental Health First Aid: Adults who Interact with Youth- 2 Days

  • Working with Children/Youth with Exceptionalities- 1 Day

  • Child and Adolescent Behavior from a Western and First Nation Perspective- 1 Day

  • Helping Skills for the Group Home Worker – 1 Day

  • Working with Children who have Experienced or Witnessed Violence – 2 Days


For a complete course overview and description click ~Group Home Core Training~


For more information about Group Home Training please contact Shelley Thomas Prokop, Director of Programs Email: Phone: 306-373-2874 Ext. 227