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November Impactful Conversations: Preparing for and Staying Connected During Meaningful Conversations

Location: SFNFCI classroom

Location: 207-2553 Grasswood Rd. East Sasaktoon, SK.

Time: 8:30am- 4:00pm each day

Date: November 7th-8th, 2017

Cost: Free


Impactful Conversations: Preparing for and Staying Connected through Difficult Conversations


Conversation isn't as easy as we thought! It is a dynamic, complex process involving many aspects; how we thingk, what we think, how we feel and what emotons we express. It also includes what oters are thinking, how they are feeling and what emotions they experience as a result of our conversations. Conversation is the basis for relationships- it is the framework for how we connect with others, how we inspire others, how we motivate ourselves and others to change, and how we respondto "realitites" we must face. Conversations and words are wat the brain remembers and relies on to interpret life and the world around us. Nothing happens iwthout conversation!


Conversations can stregthen, damgae or heal relationships. COnversations always include ourselves and others.


The Learning Outcomes:


  • Understanding how to have diffuclut converstaions in an intentional way
  • Understanding the impact of those conversations
  • Being familiar with a method for recognizing when a conversation is going bad and how to turn it around
  • Respecting factors that affect how we share information


Participates will recieve a Certificate of Completion at the end of the two day session. If partiipants are unable to attend the first dya, please DO NOT attend the second day, as the infromation learned in the first day is crucial for your full participation on day two. Participants hwo are unable to attend 80% of the training time will receive a Certificat of Participation vs. a Certiciation of Completion.


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