Successful PECS Training Feb. 8-9, 2022

SFNFCI offered the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) on Feb. 8-9, 2022 at the Saskatoon Inn.  We had 41 participants start and finish the 2-day virtual intensive training.  Nine organizations serving our children across Saskatchewan came together to learn in small groups and large groups about ways to improve communication in their group homes, schools, Head Start, shelters, and prevention programs.

The PECS training was a flow through with Pyramid Educational Consultants of Canada out of Ontario.   SFNFCI hosted a 7-part Autism Learning Series Nov.-Dec. 2021 where SFNFCI learned about the PECS training to assist in communication. 

All participants were part of:

  1. Learning about this social learning tool and use it as part of the program in your community by customizing it to the need of your family, clients and/or community
  2. Acquired PECS manual and handouts
  3. Certificate of completion from Pyramid Educational Consultants
  4. Networking with colleagues and peers to create a community of support
  5. Activities focusing on learn by doing, hands-on activities and demonstrations






Comments from attendees,

 “This will definitely assist to meet the needs of children who cannot vocalize their needs” Samantha Robin,  Child Support Worker, Saskatoon Tribal Council

 “ There is a plan my admin is putting in place.  I see PECS being applied to our non-verbal students and the younger grade levels” Mike Dumais, Phys Ed teacher, Chief Sabitawasis School, Fishing Lake First Nation

 “As I work with non-verbal youth, it will benefit our youth by enabling then to communicate better with others and assist them to become more independent”. Alana Savoy, PSW, Eagles Nest Youth Ranch


This training was funded by the Disabilities Initiative Fund from Indigenous Services Canada.


For more information on Disabilities Initiative project at SFNFCI please contact Shelley Thomas Prokop, shelley@sfnfci.ca

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